21159 Pharma: The Origin of the Name

Many people have asked how the name 21159 Pharma came about, and while a few do guess correctly, many do not. Over the past 7 years 21159 Pharma Founder Steve King has been active in CrossFit and enjoyed the constantly varied workouts and tough challenges on the mind and body. There is a lot of perseverance, hard work, thinking and strategy involved in Crossfit, and this mindset is transferred into the company when we do our daily work. In Crossfit, 21-15-9 is a common rep scheme (Fran, a benchmark CrossFit workout, for example), which is how the name came about.

Our Team

Steve King


Sue Reyer

Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Paul Waymack

Chief Scientific / Medical Officer

Rob Falconer

CMC / Quality Assurance

Stacy Hammonds Nelson

Clinical Program Lead

Dr. Melisa K. Barron

Formulation Consultant

Alan Millar

API Process R&D

Our team of independent contractors can work together as a team or individually as required