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We specialize in product licensing of NDA (505B1 and B2) assets from preclinical through to approved products.  The portfolio includes US companies with approved products looking for licensing partners outside of the US (Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa) and European partners looking for US partners.

The service consists of identifying of potential partners, developing short non-confidential teasers, coordinating confidentiality agreements, setting up of the data room and facilitate the closing of the deal.

Types of products available

  • NDA – Phase I/II/III and approved NDAs
  • NDA 505B2 both pre filing and approved
  • ANDA – in all dosage forms
  • 510K medical devices
  • OTC products and cosmetic lines

Examples of other assets

  • Drug delivery technology
  • Equipment
  • Facilities

If the product requires a new source of API, materials or a tech transfer to another facility we can coordinate potential outsourcing partners prior to licensing and a technical team to manage the process. During this process we can also help to review product cost and supply chain and make recommendations in order to produce the most cost-effective product.

Current Licensing Opportunities

We have many assets available for licensing for all markets, at all stages of development If a company is looking for a particular asset or contact in the USA or Europe we can help with introductions. Please contact us to discuss your companies needs in order to  present the relevant opportunities.

How Can We Help You With Your Licensing Needs?